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What Are Your Style Words for 2024?

One of the cool things about style is that there really aren’t any rules unless you choose to be bound by them. As the generations evolve, the emphasis on creativity and individuality emerge, leaving the boundaries of the rule books opened wide.

things that feel like my style: muted flowers, mauves, olives and cream, old books, ombre

In my own personal style, I feel that it has evolved over the last few years, and as I am looking into a new year, it’s even evolved from what it was back in November of 2023. I am a lover of color and texture and pattern, but what I am noticing is that my love of these is morphing into something a little more polished and elevated as a base, with maybe some more fun pieces mixed in. I used to rely heavily on combining really bold pieces together in unique ways, and while I think I will always do that, I like the richer, more sophisticated look of achieving these contrasts in more subtle ways.

I have recently really been loving more neutral colors, and then adding in pops of bright hues or dusty shades for something a little more chic. This approach seamlessly flows from the clothes I wear to the linens in my bedroom and the objects on my open shelves. That’s the thing about style, it really does reflect right back at you. It’s why when you are on vacation and you stay in a tropical paradise, you feel breezy and light. Or when you are at ease on a snowy day curled up with cozy socks and your barefoot dreams blanket, you feel as calm as the carless street out your window.

I love the creamy color of an iced coffee, the sand, the sky on a dusky morning, the pretty cast that shadows make and chocolate chip cookies

I find that a helpful practice can be to set intentions for your year, like a word you plan to use as your mantra or by creating a vision board with images that represent what you want to achieve this year. Something that I decided to do this year as also to set a style intention. To choose 3 words that I feel describe my style and where I want it to be this year. My 3 words/concepts are: Effortless Chic, Modern Classic and Balanced.

Take a few minutes to think about where you want to take your style this year! I would love for you to share them with me, let’s connect on insta! @tracysfavedesigns or send me an email at

a little burst of metallic, texture and shadows always add an element of surprise and interest

I plan to elaborate on my style concepts all year long, but mostly, I want to take the things I love and put them together in a way that looks effortless and not forced. I also love the idea of taking classic items and using them in more modern ways. And finally, achieving balance while blending together my favorite style ideas, which inherently will circle back to that effortless chic I am going for.

Don’t be intimidated by style. The idea is really to take things you love and make them feel like you. When you can accomplish that, it’s truly the epitome of personal style, and I am here to help you live your style in every way….



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