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Swaps for Spring: How to freshen up for a new season

It’s officially Spring, and now that it’s going to be warmer and brighter, you want to embrace those things in your style, too. Here are some of my favorite tips to elevate and celebrate your style in your home, your parties and within yourself!

Personal style tips:

Here are a few of my favorite tips to look and feel your best, at any time of year. 

Want to make your eyes pop? Try wearing a top or dress that is the same color as your eyes.  This will brighten up your complexion and make your eyes stand out.

Easy way to freshen up your face? Bright colored lip color.  Love a satin finish, and it will instantly make you feel ready for spring/summer!

Neutral nails- neutral nails are classic and go with everything.  For a really polished look, a classic or pinky nude polish is perfect.

Dress up your bags! A tie on scarf can make your winter bag a little more fun! Plus, bows are so hot right now.

A summer scent- change up your scent for summer! Go lighter, or summery, find something that makes you feel like you are on vacation, even when you are sitting at your desk or folding laundry. 

A faux tan- trust me.  If you are feeling blah, a little sunless tanner will give you an instant mood boost. Whether you go for a professional spray, or an easy at home applied version, you will feel like a million bucks.

Home style tips:

Give your home an easy makeover for spring/summer with these simple yet effective ideas.

Throw pillow covers- easily transform a room and are more affordable than getting a whole new set of pillows.

Set the mood with lighting- ever think about how the light casts in your home?  Consider swapping out those bright bulbs with a lower wattage, softer light for the warmer months.

Candles bring the energy!  A lovely scented candle is perfect to create a mood for your space.  In spring, i love the scent of fresh cut lilacs and for summer, lemon and coconut. 

Embrace color- i love the idea of adding bright color to my home once its warmer outside.  Thats one of the reasons that i created prints! They are perfect to add into a frame you already have to make your walls and tables stand out and have a fresh vibe for a new season. Check out our prints options, here

Do the lean- leaning art is a cool way to change up a room.  Plus, it is so easy to set up because you don’t have to set up any hardware.  Its an easy way to mix and match pieces you already have.  We love adding an arch like these, to really make a space stand out. 

Celebration tips:

For your summer celebrations, these tips will make it easy to enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests!

A signature drink- a big batch drink makes it so easy for guests to help themselves. My personal favorites are an iced tea + lemonade with vodka, or a crisp white sangria.

Sign the way- a simple sign can make it really easy for people to get around. A sign by your mailbox or on an easel at the entrance to your event can make it simple for your guests to know they are in the right place.  Shop some of our fave signs here.

Have some fun! For an easy conversation starter, some quick games are perfect.  Our bingo downloads are for you.  Just print these out and have fun with your girlfriends while you chat about all your favorite things.

Let people bring something.  If you are having a party and everyone wants to bring something, let them. Some fun ideas- have everyone bring their favorite cookie, and then have to go boxes where you can take some treats home.  Or for entertainment, ask everyone to bring their favorite potato chip or snack. Then you can all taste test and crown a winning salty snack.

When it comes to living your style, it’s all about being true to who you are in all aspects of your life.  Remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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