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who is the tfd shopper?

so glad you asked!  the tfd shopper is a unique and creative individual.  she loves a fancy mixed drink or latte, but also appreciates an ice cold diet coke.  she loves things that are classic, but really likes to find ways to elevate it or make it fresh.  she’s a little bit modern, and a little bit vintage, and somehow strikes the perfect balance between both.  she appreciates minimalism, but also likes to layer it up.  she knows how to stay in the lane, but also isn’t afraid to break the rules.  she wants to surround herself with the best vibes and find joy in little things.  she believes that spaces should be filled with good energy and that a simple thing like a piece of wall art can make people happy.  her space is put together, yet livable.  it is a collection of things that separate seem ordinary, but together create a harmony that is all her own.

she can be inspired by anything, a bouquet of flowers, a coffee stain or a rack full of clothing.  she is quirky and she knows it.  she encourages it.  she celebrates the little things and loves to find reasons for ice cream and rainbow sprinkles.  she is a beautiful person inside and out.  and when you visit her home, you know it’s hers because it lives her style perfectly. and she wants to share that feeling with you.  

you belong here.  you deserve to have a space that reflects who you are and what you love.  we hope that you can feel the love in our pieces and that you connect with something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

we hope you see that YOU are the tfd shopper, and we are so thrilled to have you!



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