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what does live your style mean?

Do you have a favorite shirt or pair of jeans? You know that feeling you get when you wear them. You feel confident and comfortable. Or you have a great pair of earrings or the perfect pewter eyeshadow that brings out the color in your eyes. Those little bits of style help make you who you are. They put your personality out there for the world to see. We believe that these same feelings can be expressed in your home. Why not take the things that make your heart sing and give them a prominent space in your home, too. In my case, I love a colorful wardrobe, and this piece encompasses the best parts of my favorite fashion, but in a piece of art.

It may not always be the same style as you like you physically wear, but the idea is about creating an environment in your space that brings out feelings and emotions that make it feel less like four walls and more like a home. When your are surrounded by things that make you happy, that bleeds into your everyday life. Several years ago, I took a trip and one afternoon we went to a tea shop. We had lovely cups of tea in mismatched china. It was such a fun experience and every time I see a teacup, it reminds me of that trip. This arch in my office is a nod to that memory. Our goal is to help you achieve a space that feels like you, that is a true representation of who you are and that makes you excited to walk in to each day.

Our pieces are created with color, texture and pattern. They may have clean lines, but they are expressive and unique. We hope that you can find something that makes you light up when you see it, and realize that there are other people that see the world the same way that you do.


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