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Repetition: Creating a Cohesive Space

When it comes to make a space feel complete and cohesive, repetition is the key we aren’t talking about. If you want to add a new color, shape or style into a room, they way to do so is by repeating things that share the same attributes. By doing this, you are creating balance and flow, which ends up making the space feel whole. It’s easier than you think to take your space to the next level, and I’m here to share some easy tips to make it happen for you!

When I moved a few years ago, we did a bit of a remodel. We wanted to open up our main floor, creating an open concept ( I know, I know) and I was left with the daunting task of making 3 rooms come together as one. The biggest challenge with this was that I wanted to incorporate shades of a gray/green into my kitchen, but my year old loveseat was a beautiful blue velvet. How am I going to make this make sense?

I had big dreams about how I wanted my home to look. I wanted it to feel classic and calm, but also modern and a little bit unique. I wanted to make it feel like me, but also wanted it to stand the test of time. Oh, and of course I had this big blue anchor (my gorgeous couch) that was weighing on my decisions. So how do I make this space feel cohesive without crushing my goal kitchen dreams? Enter blue, on repeat.

Since the couch in question is blue, I needed to find a way to repeat that color within the space in order to have it flow in the space instead of killing it. I had a kitchen island, so for the stools, I chose to go with blue velvet, which was a great start. But I knew that the best way to incorporate anything is by using odd numbers, and that at least 3 pieces was the way to go.

The next pieces that I added were furniture. I found the perfect TV cabinet in a deep navy. This was another way to add in blue, and it has a very mid century modern feel, which fits in with my personal style. I added blue end tables, too. This brought me to 5 pieces total in blue, and it was the perfect amount for my size room. In the end, I love how it turned out. By adding these other blue elements, I was able to make everything make sense, while still creating the color story I wanted.

Another way that I could have done this would have been with artwork. A well placed piece of blue art like this one, or this, would have also worked to tie in to the blue couch. A blanket, throw pillow, rug or even something as simple as a few blue books are other examples of items that can work in your space.

Some other examples may be a metallic. Maybe you want to add gold into a space, but don’t know how. Or you have a piece of furniture that has permanent hardware and you feel like it stands out. Try using the rule of 3 and adding in a few other elements in the shade to make it make sense. Maybe it’s a gold light switch plate, maybe you switch up the door knob, or even add a decorative knot or tray in a gold finish.

In the end, the most important thing is that you have a space that feels like you and makes you feel good. If you feel like your space is off, trying looking at the space and try to identify what the issue is. If it happens to be something that stands out like it doesn’t belong, consider trying to incorporate a few items that repeat an element from that pieces design. You may be surprised at how a little repetition makes your space come alive, and create the perfect canvas for you to live your style.



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