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how to pick art that feels like you

when it comes to adding artwork into your space, it can feel daunting. often times, it’s just trying to find something fast that fills the void on a wall. maybe it’s a certain size you need or you think it has to be a certain color to fit a room, but these limitations can often make the task unenjoyable. we’ve all been there. there is a better way!

we believe in making your space feel like you. when you are surrounded by things that mean something to you or evoke a certain feeling, then it translates into more that just your living room. it can change your entire mood. so the big question is…how?

first and foremost, the only main rule is that there are no rules. when you remove the limitation that things have to be a certain way, it frees you. there will always be some parameters that have to be followed, like the size of your wall or the placement of where something needs to go, but those can act more as guides than absolutes.

next, the most important thing is to choose something that you like! it’s amazing how many times people surround themselves with stuff that is just stuff. it doesn’t have to be this way. what if instead, we took a little time to find things that we not only liked, but that had meaning to us or were a true expression of our personality. do you think it would improve your mood? do you think it would bring you joy to go into certain rooms? do you think it would take your house to the next level? if you have answered yes to any of these, than you are in the right place!

so how do you choose? well, some of it is truly about how you feel. if you hate the color green, then choosing something green doesn’t make sense. if you have a room that is brown and taupe and feels drab, you don’t have to choose something taupe or brown because it matches. this is the perfect opportunity to add a pattern or a contrasting color to take a room you feel is drab and make it a room that stands out and shines.

here are some of our favorite tips:

1/// use a color that you love. make it fit by adding in other elements in the same color like a pillow, rug or even books

2/// try things with cool textures or patterns…this can elevate a space really easily by adding some unexpected flair

3/// don’t be afraid to mix and match…different sizes, colors and shapes are all approved!

4/// make it personal…if you love photos of your friends and family, add pieces like this too. the goal is to make the space feel like you.

5/// have fun! don’t let the process stress you out…have fun and enjoy yourself!

if you want to find some unique pieces, check out the etsy shop here. for each piece, you can read about what inspired it and maybe find something that speaks to you and what you love.

until next time…



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