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how to pattern mix like a pro

pattern mixing is one of my signature moves! it’s something that i have mastered over the years, and now i am sharing my best tips with you! it can seem daunting, but it’s a lot easier than you think. the payoff is so worth it! mixed patterns elevates a space and takes it from drab to fab instantly. the best part? these principles can be used for more than just home decor, these tips work for clothing too!


scale is an easy way to start with mixing. choose 1 large print and then 1 smaller, tight knit print. in this case, the smaller print can serve as almost a solid since it is a stark contrast to the larger print.

common thread

find a common thread between prints. this may be that they all have a similar color. or it could be that they all have the same background color. maybe everything is the same material. or maybe they all use the same color picture frame. having one thing that is in common between everything helps create flow and gives everything definition.


texture is an automatic pattern mix in. if you add in something wood, or linen, velvet, any of these elements have their own built in pattern because of their weave. using a textured element can act as your solid and be the perfect balance for your combo.

element of surprise

we love something unique to make the project sparkle! a metallic, embroidery or beading can add both texture and surprise and really set off the entire pattern set.

define your neutral
this concept can be hard to grasp, but when you are mixing patterns, you need one that can serve as your neutral or solid, but this can still be a pattern! in most cases, a perfect option would be a stripe, dots, simple plaid, animal print, or a small scale pattern. these neutral patterns serve as an area for your eye to rest in between the rest of your patterns.

live your style

the bottom line and most important thing to remember is to have fun! if you like the combination that you created, that is all that matters. we love the idea of mixing colorful prints as a perfect way to live your style!

get our guide!

click here to get our easy to reference PDF guide that breaks down all our tips!

Happy Pattern Mixing!



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