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one of the core design elements that i truly treasure are patterns. they can be fun or festive, sophisticated and chic. they are a great way to add interest and work really well when combined together. in my opinion, a well mixed group of patterns can transform anything from an outfit, to a place setting and especially your home decor.

when it comes to mixing patters, there are a few things that i always keep in mind. it can seem overwhelming, but these tips should help you dip your toe in if you are a newbie or take your combos to the next level.

the first timer:

when it comes to trying this for the first time, texture is one of the easiest ways. layering in a piece that has a noticeable texture adds the sense of a pattern without a lot of risk. in these cases, think things like a sisal rug, linen curtains or a velvet throw pillow.

the beginner:

let’s say you have a little more experience, but you are still learning. you may be using things like stripes and plaids. that’s great! to take it up a notch, try changing up the color. maybe doing 2 complementary or contrasting colors to add another layer.

the next level:

ready to try something a little bolder? how about adding in a floral print? or, one of our favorite things is to add in something a little more unique. one of our wall arches is a great example. they have a few patterns combined, but in a neutral color way, they add something bold, without overwhelming the space.

the overachiever:

ready for something more? how about this….the secret sauce to really mixing patterns with ease. common ground. the truth is, you can really mix any patterns together, you just have to be willing to find something within the patterns that can tie them together. this may be a common color, shape or style. it may be something scaled very small mixed with something scaled very large. or, it may be a common shade that brings cohesion.

whatever your level, pattern mixing is one of the easiest ways to elevate a room. our shop is full of a variety of different patterns mixed thoughtfully. stop by and find a piece that will mix into your space perfectly.

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