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let’s start an etsy shop!

hello! welcome to the very 1st blog post!  i’m starting this as i start the process of starting my etsy shop.  i thought this would be a great experiment as i tailor my designs to truly fit my niche.  this shop is going to have some cool wall art, with a twist. it may be a layered texture, pattern on pattern or a unique color combo.  it’s about finding pieces that bring you some joy and make you feel good in your space.  your environment is so important and can instantly change your mood.  so why not fill it with things that make you happy + bring a smile to your face. thats what this shop is for!

can’t wait for you to come on this journey with me.



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don’t underestimate the

power of embracing what brings you joy! here’s to

celebrating that + finding

things to live your style!

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