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embracing color: how to enhance a space by using colors

when it comes to creating an inviting space, one of the greatest tools to achieve this is simply in the colors you choose. we love a good neutral, and shades of white, cream and gray can build a great canvas for any room. by keeping a simple base, it allows you to do a few things. first, it makes it easy to revamp the room by adding in new elements. second, it never goes out of style. third, it creates a sense of calm and helps achieve a true “homey” feel.

we all know that trends come and go, and artwork is an excellent way to add both personality and a pop of color without a major commitment. whether you want to go bold with a piece like this colorful floral or something complementary like this moody blue number, there are lots of ways to add impact with art. here are some of our fave color combos:

for white rooms: try something in a cream for a sophisticated vibe. we love this latte inspired art. or for something a little bolder, go bright!

for blue rooms: you can’t go wrong with adding additional hues…try going lighter or darker to make a monochromatic statement. (something like this deep blue piece would be perfect!)

for taupe rooms: add a little something special by adding in some browns. this subtle floral piece mixes blacks and browns with the littlest pop of purple for an unexpected twist.

for colorful rooms: if your room is filled with an array of colors, try a chic black and white…we love the high contrast vibes in this piece.

no matter what your space, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color for some added delight! stop by our shop for a variety of options in so many shades!

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