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ever wonder what goes into the process of creating a collection? the best way i can describe is that it is a step in the process to build an assortment of things that relate to each other and have a cohesive message. as i am working on my first collection, i want pieces that work well together or separately. i am also trying to use groups of colors that work well together and mix and match with others, too.

i really love how soft and dusty colors can create a calming effect. i recently renovated my home and one of the top things that people say about it is that is makes them feel calm and serene. that was my goal and i think creating that kind of oasis in your own space is such a treat.

what my goal is with this shop is that pieces speak to you and that you can choose things that allow you to live your style! style isn’t just about the clothes you wear, its about what you surround yourself with. if you love your environment, it trickles down into all aspects of your life. i firmly believe that your surroundings impact your mood and why not start improving that relationship with some beautiful wall art!

collection is coming soon!

until next time….


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